Hindi Typing Course

Learning Hindi Typing is not a typical task. You can learn Hindi typing easily with free Hindi Typing Tutor Online. Learn typing in Krutidev or Devlys font layout. The two most popular and crystal clear font for Hindi Typing. Learning Hindi typing is required in many govt and privates’ exam & job's, many job's needs to pass Hindi typing test. Learn Free Online Hindi typing and test your Hindi typing speed also. You will see complete Hindi Keyboard on screen so will able to practise easily. All Hindi characters will shown on keyboard and finger placement will show you which key to use with which finger. Here we used advanced animation technology that will show you which key you have to press without seeing the keyboard. Practise one lesson daily and you will be professional typist within few days. Here we provide many exercise and practise test for your all keyboard practise, you will also learn Alt + code for some Hindi Characters that are not on keyboard layout. Also English typing course you can take to learn fast and error free typing. This typing course will definitely help you to learn Hindi typing. Best Wishes!!!  Createt your Experiance Certificate online in free.